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Welcome. This is more a collection of articles than a blog. I am not motivated to write an article unless it can have practical use for those who read it. Except for a few articles on personal health, all articles have been written from the viewpoint of a Citizen, rather than my personal viewpoint.  Yes, I have my own writing style, but any other Citizen should be able to observe and write about these same areas– they are part of all our lives and can be observed by those who have developed their ability to look. If you are looking for subjectivity, you won’t find much here. It is intended that you find data you can use in your life, but nothing is forced on anyone.

To call the content of this site, “Philosophy”, may be aiming too high. A more understandable description is “a set of useful, aligned data”. In a nutshell, it is intended to present a set of coherent data that may be used wholly, or in part, as a template or framework for building out your own set or sets of coherent data to be used as a tool, or tools, in dealing with areas of life of interest to you.

I have been writing these articles for several years on different blog sites. The blog articles were written according to what was topmost on my mind at the time, so the overall result was something less than a logically ordered read. I am going to try something new here. The articles will be categorized. A “Current Topics” category will hold articles that are written in response to what is happening in our world. These articles will contain links to earlier blogs and articles that may cover referenced points in greater detail.

So what’s the appeal? Why spend the time to read these articles rather than another blog? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for something to make you feel good, this may or may not fit the bill. If you like initiative in yourself and others, have the courage, or at least the desire to face up to and think things through for yourself, see beauty in simple, effective, elegant solutions, then you will probably like and benefit from these articles.

May you discover that life is simpler than what has been presented to you so far.


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